Tuesday, August 7, 2012

iLightningcam works

Remember when i posted my small preview on iLightningcam, the app that lets you take easily pictures of lightnings? Well since then there haven't been many thunderstorms where i live, until yesterday!
So i got superexcited, stayed infront of my window and did my best not to catch a cold. Well, seems like i am better at doing the first thing, since i am ill now.

Anyway, you didnt come here to hear me complaining about why my parents never bought me Actimel when i was younger.
Here are my results with this cool app:

I've found out that the settings work best for me if i go with "advanced", then on either high or very high sensitivity (depends on how far the thunderstorm is away from you) and with night mode on.

The shutter also goes automatically off when there is no real lightning infront of the camera except a small light of someone's house. So here is my tip: dont aim your camera somewhere where a light could go on out of nowhere, because the shutter could be released and if there is a lightning just milliseconds afterwards, you wont catch it.

And finally, my favourite picture! If someone told me 5 years ago that i would be able to take such a picture, i would have called him a fool.


  1. Very cool pics and article! congrats, the details of your last shot are amazing!

    I have heard rumors ... Version 5 might be on the way with tons of improvements

    a lightning enthusiast

  2. Version 5 is in Review, about 10 days to the update

    Version 5 is the biggest update ever, stay tuned :-)

    a lightning enthusiast

    1. Great! Gonna make a post about it when it comes out. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. version 5 ist out!

    tons of improvements.

    5.1 ist on the way...

    enjoy and take care! lightning is dangerous, also make sure that your iphone does not fall out of the window or gets wet!

  4. Wow, great pictures! I'm pretty sure that ill get it !